Nuestra Historia

Our History

La Nostra Storia

On October 2001, from the project of four friends from Central Italy, was born the restaurant Maccheroni in Sevilla.

Proud to come from a country whose the cuisine, famous all over the world, is History, Culture and Art and aware that often the Italian cuisine abroad is subject to imitations and forgeries, they working hard to respect and maintain the concept of AUTHENTIC ITALIAN RESTAURANT.

They offer extreme simplicity dishes and value the quality of the ingredients rather than the complexity of preparation, just as teaching the tradition of true Italian cuisine. MACCHERONI soon gets strong support, and over the years it evolves, it consolidated and becomes MACCHERONI & CO, firmly preserving its initial ideology.

In 2011 he was awarded by Unioncamere with the International Award “ITALIAN HOSPITALITY” autentic Italian restaurants in the world, award that is confirmed every year.


"Gracias a todos los que han creído en nosotros" "Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno creduto in noi" "Thanks to all those who have believed in us"